About the database:

The CATS materials reference collection database contains metadata on reference samples and related analyses as well as non-invasive analyses collected at the three partner institutions since the early 1960’s.

The collection includes tubes of paint and the multitudinous raw materials historically used for paint manufacture and employed in pictorial art: inorganic pigments and dyes as well as their raw material components such as minerals, plants and insects; natural and synthetic resins; gums, drying oils, waxes and protein-based media; support material samples of wood, canvas and paper. Examples of various photographic processes and photographic materials from the era of chemical photography are also part of the collection. In addition, several thousand paint cross sections, hundreds of X-radiographs and Infrared reflectograms hold information on the structure and materials related to specific works of art.

Since its humble beginning, the collection has grown to more than several thousand samples. Housed today as separate collections in the three partner institutions, it has exceptional potential as a support for the research and service functions of the CATS consortium and associated partners, the conservation laboratories of the SMK, NM and SoC, as well as the international conservation community. The collections are now made available in a single resource through the CATS material reference collection database.

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