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Katastrofen på Sølvtorvet

Børsen, 11.10.2017


Det er prutterne: Publikum forårsager svolvskader på mestertegninger

Politiken, 11.10.2017


The Getty Saw a Retiring Generation of Panel Painting Conservators—So They Trained a New One, 16.05.2017


Bag malingen findes et af verdens største kunstværker

Politiken, 02.04.2017



Deformt maleri af bondeidyl gemte på en kunsthistorisk hemmelighed

Politiken, 27.12.2016


Modernisme og kristendom forenes smukt i Jais Nielsens fresker

Kristeligt Dagblad 23.12.2016


Legenden om den hellige Elisabeth har fået farve i kinderne på ny

Politiken, 12.12.2016


Ukendt Eckersberg fundet med infrarødt lys

Berlingske, 25.11.2016


Hvidt pigment får Krøyers malerier til at skalle

Berlingske, 11.10.2016


Malingen på et af Krøyers mest kendte malerier skaller af

DR, 11.10.2016


Article on zinc white as a possible cause for degradation problems in P.S. Krøyer’s paintings

Politiken, 09.10.2016


Danish conference survey the PU scene

Uerethanes Technology International, 25.08.2016


The man who knows the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” most intimately

Epoch Times Newspaper, 26.02.2016


Article on newly discovered hidden nude figure in Leonardo da Vinci drawing

Politiken, 08.02.2016




Mystiske skader rammer landets fineste kunst

Politiken, 6.12.2015


C. Hilby & N. Borring on the use of enzymes on paper in conservation of Albrecht Dürer wood cut

NKF-DK Bulletin #92, 2015


Article on the CATS research project on polyurethane foam, 05.11.2015


L. Cone on the PUR project: Developing materials and techniques for consolidation and adhering rigid and flexible Polyurethane ether foam in large-format artworks

Politiken, 03.11.2015


Kunstværker i plastik giver museer grå hår, 3.11.2015


CATS project on the Danish artist Jais Nielsen, granted by the New Carlsberg Foundation

Berlingske, 24.10.2015


David Buti on clay ground in paintings from Northern to Southern Europe

TechnArt conference, Italy, 2015




H. Tempest on Conservation in an Open Studio in Copenhagen

The Picture Restorer, Autumn 2014


Famous painting of sunset is not a sunset

Politiken, 07.12.2014


Analyses for the restoration of The Arch of Honour of Maximilian 1 by Albrecht Dürer

Ingeniøren, 28.09.2014


Science and Art. The painted Surface

Publication including a serie of case studies with contributions from CATS, 14.08.2014


J. Wadum on Midici-portrait found under suspected forgery

Politiken, 09.07.2014


Non-invasive dendrochronology – Success and limitations

A presentation by dendrochronologist ph.d. Aoife Daly, 2014


Analytical  examination of presumed Canaletto paintings

Fyens Stiftstidende, Section 2, p. 20, 2014


Agenda CHARISMA Final Event, Outcomes and activities of the FP7 CHARISMA Project

Participation by CATS, 5-6.03.2014


J. Wadum speaks at the International Congress ‘Authentication in Art’

Autehntication on Art, the Hague, 7-9.05.2014




A. Vila et al. on Raman analysis of white pigments

Dansk Kemi No. 12 p. 30-34, 2013


Mapping the surface with 3D scanning – A new way of condition reporting

SMK website, 2013


J. Wadum on newly discovered Van Gogh painting

Politiken, 15.10.2013


C. Krarup Andersen on wax resin lining of paintings and the potential damage they can cause

Politiken, 28.05.2013


Schrijfster Donna Tartt isverzotop HetPuttertje

J. Wadum on the Dutch painting The Goldfinch by Carel Fabritius, which plays the lead in a new book of the American bestselling author Donna Tartt

Dutch publication AD, 23.09.2013


J. Wadum: ‘The management of aesthetics and decay’

A. Goossens (ed.) Managers of Decay – Conservation and Restoration, University of Amsterdam pp. 10-19. 2013


Advanced technology solves mystery of fading flower paintings

Ingeniøren, 15.09.2013




Four Paintings Magnified – Tracing Bosch and Bruegel

Article published in the Science Lab Section of Leica Microsystems on-line. Text by Dr. Anne Haack Christensen and Dr. Jørgen Wadum, CATS.



J. Wadum: Lecture on ‘Understanding artworks enables their preservation’

CODART VIJFTIEN congress Brussels, 18-20.03.2012


About CATS – establishment of the new research centre

CATS News, 27.06.2012

Kopier af mestermalere afsløret (Copies of master painter unveiled)

Politiken, 2.05.2012


De fire mesterlige kopier (The four masterly copies)

Politiken, 2.05.2012 (continued)


Mestermaleres værker er i virkeligheden kopier (The works of the great masters are in thruth copies)

DR Kultur, 2.05.2012




Danske forskere afslører uægte kunstværker (Danish researcher enviel ‘fake’ art works)

Politiken, 18.05.2011