CATS has appointed Johannes Edvardsson as dendro-reseacher

Johannes has a solid history in tree-ring research from the Swedish Laboratory of Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology, and obtained his Ph.D. at Lund University, Sweden, working with tree-rings and climate. Thereafter, he had a postdoc employment at the Swiss Tree-Ring Laboratory and research collaborations with Nature Research Centre in Lithuania.

From collaborations with international dating laboratories he has substantial experience from working with archaeological material, art objects, shipwrecks, standing constructions, and with a focus oak and pine, but also species such as spruce, ash, elm, larch, alder, and birch. As a complement to basic tree-ring width data he also has been working with stable isotopes and chemical content in the tree rings. Furthermore he has experience from working with non-invasive analysis of wooden objects, an important aspect when examining art objects.