CATS appoints Andrea Seim as new dendro-researcher

Andrea has over ten years of experience in the field of dendrochronology, both in dating archaeological and historical material and in relating tree growth to climate. She worked in dendroarchaeological laboratories in South Germany (Bavarian State Department for the Protection of Monuments and Sites as well as DendroNet) and at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL in Switzerland and obtained her Ph.D. at the Department of Earth Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden last year.

Throughout her academic activities she developed long and well-replicated tree-ring chronologies for ecologically and economically important European and Asian tree species such as oak, pine, spruce, beech or juniper. Material for this included archaeological material, standing constructions, diverse historical wooden objects and dead and living trees on-site. With a dense network of collaboration partners, wood anatomical studies, tree-ring network analyses and dendro-provenance analyses were successfully conducted by her in various projects. Andrea has experience in handling fragile objects and is looking forward to develop further non- and micro-invasive methods in tree-ring dating of art objects such as panel paintings.
Andrea Seim starts her employment in CATS from April 1st 2017.