CATS has appointed Dr. David Buti as Conservation Scientist


Dr. David Buti


PhD in Conservation Science at the University of Florence, in a Joint collaboration with the Centre of Excellence SMAArt (Scientific Methodologies in Archaeology and Art) of the University of Perugia and the CNR-ISTM (Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies) of Perugia. He is specialized in manuscripts, with a wide practical experience in using different spectroscopic techniques (XRF, FT-IR, Raman, UV-vis reflectance and fluorescence) aimed at identifying their constituent materials and studying their conservation state. Furthermore, taking part to the MOLAB transnational access offered by the EU-funded CHARISMA project during his PhD, he had the opportunity to get in touch and investigate several kinds of artworks, extending his competences mainly focused on manuscripts, also to sculpture, easel and mural paintings. He had a post-doc position at the CNR-ISTM working on the application of UV-vis fluorescence spectroscopy for the study of natural dyes used in ancient manuscripts.