Technology and practice: Studying the European Visual Arts 1800-1850 – Paintings, sculpture, interiors and art on paper

Copenhagen, 15-16 June 2016

A two-day Technical Art History conference held by CATS at the National Museum of Denmark


The conference was focusing on artists’ techniques and materials, written sources, conservation science, the history of science and technology, history of trade, and innovation of artists’ materials during the first half of the 19th century. In the preceding several decades a succession of art academies emerged throughout Europe, and another focal point of the conference was the impact of these institutions on a new generation of artists, examining how this manifested itself in their Paintings, Sculpture, Interiors and Art on Paper.



The oral conference presentations will be published before summer 2017 as an online publication by CATS in collaboration with Archetype Publications Ltd. and also be available as print on demand.



The National Museum of Denmark

Address: Ny Vestergade 10, Copenhagen K (map)


Program for the CATS conference 2016


Scientific Committee for the conference

  • – Ass. Prof. Dr. Ingelise Nielsen, Head of Department, KADK, Copenhagen
  • – Tannar Ruuben, Lecturer, Metropolia University of Applied Science, Helsinki
  • – Kriste Sibul, Director of Preservation, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
  • – Ass. Prof. Dr. Noëlle Streeton, University of Oslo, Oslo
  • – Jesper Svenningsen, PhD student, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
  • – Line Bregnhøi, Conservator of Buildings and Artefacts, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen
  • – Dr. Phil. Kasper Monrad, Senior Research Curator, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
  • – Ass. Prof. Mikkel Scharff, Head of Institute of Conservation, KADK, Copenhagen
  • – Idelette van Leeuwen, Head of Paper Conservation, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
  • – Rebecca Hast, Conservator of Sculptures, The Glyptotek, Copenhagen
  • – Dr. Heike Stege, Head of the Scientific Department, Doerner Institut, Munich
  • – Dr. Anna Vila, Senior Conservation Scientist, CATS, Copenhagen
  • – Prof. Dr. Jørgen Wadum, Director of Conservation & CATS, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen










Sponsors for the conference bags






The conference is organised by

CATS in collaboration with Metropolia University of Applied Science (Helsinki), Nationalmuseum (Stockholm) and the University of Oslo.