Anna working with the handheld FTIR equipment, storing data from the Flemish flower painter Daniël Seghers (1590-1671), A Stone Cartouche with a Garland of Flowers, c. 1655.

In-depth examination prior to the treatment of a selection of 17th century German and Dutch still life paintings


CATS staff has assisted with scientific analysis on a selection of artworks now on display in the SMK exhibition Flowers and World Views


Multi-spectral imaging techniques and spectroscopic analysis were employed for the assessment, in certain cases supplemented by cross-sections taken to analyze the technique and structure of the art works. Using SEM-EDX, Raman and FTIR spectroscopic further analysis will be done on the samples.


On the framework of the flower project, and with the aim to better understand the lining processes, samples were analyzed by FTIR. A more exhaustive study has already taken place with the focus on identifying raw materials and test samples.


The exhibition is the outcome of close interdisciplinary collaboration between art historians, conservators, scientist and disseminators. Read more here via this link to the SMK homepage.