The Director of CATS is Prof. Em. Dr. Jørgen Wadum, Director of Conservation, Statens Museum for Kunst. Jørgen Wadum also holds the position of Professor Emeritus from the University of Amsterdam. The Director is head of the daily activities within the Centre, and is part of the Project Group and the Steering Committee. In the day to day running of the centre he refers primarily to the rest of the Project Group and is backed by the financial administration of CATS.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of representatives from each partner institution and is headed by Mikkel Bogh, Director of SMK. The Committee meets twice a year. Follow this link to a list of the Committee members.


International Committee of Scientific Advisors

The Committee of Scientific Advisors is an expert panel of individuals to which CATS can turn to for support and exchange of knowledge that relates directly to a specific project or an activity of a considerable importance and impact. Follow this link to a list of the Committee members.


Project Group

The Project Group is responsible for keeping the course of CATS and developing the research activities. The project group members meet regularly for activities and decision making within CATS, and always have a regular meeting once a month. The members of the Project Group is listet below:


Prof. Dr. Jørgen Wadum, Senior Researcher & Keeper of Conservation, M.Sc. in Conservation
Director of CATS & research in 17th century Dutch and Flemish painting techniques



Associate Professor Mikkel Scharff, Rector and Head of Paintings Department, M.Sc. in Conservation
Multispectral analysis, research on 19th century art and conservation processes



M.Sc. Peter Rasmussen, Head of the Department of Environmental Archaeology and Materials Research




Senior Researcher & Conservation Scientist

Dr. Anna Vila is Senior Researcher & Conservation Scientist in CATS.

Anna Vila is responsible for the coordination of all scientific analyses carried out within the partnership of CATS, and is head of the labs and the science activities located at SMK. Assisted by the Lab Technician and the Conservation Scientist, she plans the laboratory work and designs, and by analytical means performs the research studies on artworks from the SMK collection.


Conservation Scientist

Dr. David Buti is Conservation Scientist in CATS.

David Buti is responsible for the scientific analyses carried out within the partnership of CATS and work in close collaboration with the Senior Researcher & Conservation Scientist.



CATS also employs two students assisting in the laboratory and daily management of the centre.


Work Package Leaders

CATS core activities lie in 7 Work Packages (WPs), out of which 4 are projects that rely on in-depth research, 1 concerns the setting up of a shared research database, and 1 is focused on the dissemination of the activities of CATS. The first Work Package concerns the actual establishment of the research centre. Each WP leader is in close contact with the Senior Researcher & Conservation Scientist and refers to the project group via the Research Coordinator. Read more about the work packages here.

  • WP1 – Establishment of lab-facilities at the SMK
  • WP2 – Materials in Dutch and Danish 17th Century painting
  • WP3 – Nicolai Abildgaard and 18th Century Painting Techniques
  • WP4 – 19th century painting technique and materials with a focus on Danish Golden Age painting
  • WP5 – Works on paper and watermark research
  • WP6 – Establishing a CATS Reference Collection Database and Digital Documentation
  • WP7 – Dissemination


Staff from each partner institution involved in CATS






School of Conservation